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Our experience in Oil Services at Domestic and International level is distinguished and is added to our highly qualified managers and professionals, who contribute to the timely and reliable development of the oil industry through critical business knowledge, spirit of life and strength which enhance each of the values ​​that represent us and allow us to be a world class company which provides its customers with comprehensive products, solutions and services, a synonym of reliability, discipline, results and continuous improvement.

At CESIGSA The Energy Company, we are committed to high quality standards and to ISO 9000 and 14000. Our achievements include over seventy certified procedures and three registered patents.

Our company specializes in maintenance strategies and increased production, with reservoir reengineering, optimization of wells and new practices with Mutual Convenience Combo «MCC» services, which are dynamically structured and allow ensuring the continuity of the production system, through administrative simplification, interrelated operations programmed sequences to optimize and exploit hydrocarbons with minimum deferred production, as well as complementary and on demand services.

We encourage innovative, cutting-edge ideas and unconventional thinking, and nurture entrepreneurship. We seek out the best minds of the oil industry for our team, we implement the best tools and technologies with an eye on customer service, especially and above all, we foster a culture where excellence is the only option.

This has allowed us to grow over the past eight years and has given rise to a customer list that includes all of the most problematic oil fields in Mexico.