ATOMIC® Methodology

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ATOMIC® Methodology

Agile Task Oil-Gas Management Integration & Collaboration®

Agile Task Oil-Gas Management Integration & Collaboration.

 The ATOMIC® methodology is based on people and workflows.

It is an agile methodology developed for the oil industry, its main purpose is to optimize the processes of planning, monitoring to the implementation and evaluation of results; to improve efficiency and increase productivity in each of the areas and/or disciplines of the oil industry.

For visualization and implementation of the methodology, there is a cutting-edge technological tool that adapts to the needs of the roles and responsibilities of the organizational areas. This has the ability to integrate data from other systems to strengthen the scope and expected results.

In short, this will allow managerial, tactical and operational levels to have a better outlook on how oil operations are and identify in a clear and simple process the critical points preventing an increase in productivity within the different areas and/or disciplines, being a service that provides powerful tools for making decisions in benefit of the objectives posed within the various programs.