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Information Technology

    • Control panels for oil projects, production and operation

    This type of service consists in an analysis of the information generated by the various production and administrative processes for generating Comprehensive Control Panels that group and relate data to facilitate decision making.

    • Systematized contracts management

    Integration of automated tools to track contracts based on basic concepts such as: items, deliverables, duration, restrictions, track changes, generator, estimates, etc., for both fixed-work contracts and deliverables-based services.

    • Automated Management of Specialized Technical Assistance

    Based on public works contracts, an automated process was designed to keep track of Specialized Technical Assistance contracts where human resources, supplies, consumables and activities are integrated; to produce a collaborative scheme between the different stakeholders and thus facilitate the control of such services to the customer.

    • Production control panels

    Well operation and monitoring information integration to generate production indicators, to facilitate the detection of opportunities for improving the productivity of oil and gas wells.