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These services are designed to perform all those reservoir engineering activities that are necessary to maintain, restore and/or increase production of oil and gas from oilfields, with comprehensive reservoir engineering services, with highly qualified staff, materials and equipment in an efficient and cost effective manner for our customers, through the development of services with comprehensive geology, geophysics, petrophysics and reservoir studies for integrated oilfield development, as well as analysis, diagnosis and design of reservoir exploitation from static to dynamic modeling, border demarcation, thicknesses, flow models and reservoir properties, remaining oil and gas reserves, secondary recovery, improved and combined EOR, using the Systematic Well Productivity Integral Process PIPPS®, with the application of engineering and specialized technical software to optimize the exploitation of hydrocarbons, extend the life of the wells and recover as much of the reservoir reserves as possible. This process is based on the analysis and diagnosis of the reservoirwell-surface integrated system, which is based on priority attention on wells, by taking immediate action in the short and medium term which allows implementing the highest production at the lowest possible cost. These envisage:

  • Static and dynamic modeling of reservoirs,
  • Secondary recovery systems,
  • Improved recovery systems,
  • Combined EOR recovery systems,
  • Numerical simulation of multiphase flow reservoir – well – facilities,
  • Economic evolution of reservoirs,
  • Reservoir characterization,
  • PVT Analysis, Chromatography, Petrophysical, fluid content analysis, physical testing,
  • Production pressure curves,
  • Operation and Maintenance of Oilfields or blocks.


The comprehensive services focused on oil reservoir engineering are turnkey services, where our customers can make the necessary adjustments so that these better fit their integral study requirements.

For the provision of these services, CESIGSA The Energy Company submits a diagnosis to our customers resulting from a survey and analysis of both documentary and field information, in this way we ensure submitting the proposal to our customers that best fits their requirements, an instrument by which we guarantee our customers the profitability in extracting oil and gas from its oilfields with the highest quality and environmental care.