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Specialized Technical Software

Specialized Technical Software for the Petroleum Industry


Enterprise Well Management Studio®

This is a specialized technical tool, in which processes optimized by the ATOMIC® methodology are modeled for strict control and monitoring of business intelligence of petroleum operations.



Plant Integral Module Manager®

This is a tool integrated into a service for industrial plants, which allows to efficiently plan, monitor, evaluate and control the operations and performance of maintenance programs, as well as to monitor anomalies with maximum process safety and reliability, so as to ensure the production of industrial plants.

PIM Module® has different features among which are:

  • Managing Intelligent Two-Dimensional Electronic Models (ITEMs)
  • Monitoring and control modules for maintenance, anomalies, warehouses and audits,
  • Analysis of flexibility,
  • Structural analysis,
  • Virtual tour,
  • Maintenance simulation,
  • Video surveillance,
  • Operation indicators.